Plan Your Wedding In Phuket

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Are you searching for the perfect place to have your wedding? Phuket can be your dream destination. There are many wedding planners who will help you plan a gorgeous destination wedding, focusing on each every aspect of a wedding. Here are some services they will provide you with.

1.    Venue and Theme selection
The venue is the key element of a destination wedding. Your wedding planner will help you make trips to many hotels and destinations so that you have the liberty to choose any place you like. Also, they will select an appropriate theme or any of your suggested themes and plan your wedding beautifully.

2.    Accommodation organizing
The most difficult part of a destination wedding is deciding on a hotel or resort to accommodate all your wedding guests. Find an affordable hotel with adequate rooms available for all the guests can be a stressful process. Wedding planners will help you with that as they have contacts all around Phuket hence finding a hotel will not be difficult.

3.    Guest activity planning
This will include all activities from planning their travel expenses to any activities involving them at the wedding. Wedding planners will help you arrange affordable travelling and also plan out activities for your guests to get themselves involved in the wedding before and after the event.

4.    Decoration and Structure
All the decorations will be done according to the set theme and colour scheme. You can pick any flower of your choice and your wedding planner will get it for you. The wedding cake and food buffet will also taken care of by them. You can choose between an elegant sit-down dinner and a more cheerful cocktail atmosphere, paired with sparkling wines and other beverages of your choice.

5.    Photography and Videography
When the big day is over, what you carry along with your memories is the wedding video and photograph album. It needs to be perfect as they will be the remains of your dream wedding and what you will cherish forever. Wedding planners will find you the best photographers to give you a unique wedding album and video.

6.    Dress maker and hairstylist
Every bride has a dream wedding gown in mind. Your planner will take you to the best seamstresses in Phuket to get that perfect dress done for you. Also they will arrange for a stylist to make you look and feel like a princess on your wedding day.

7.    Light, sound and entertainment
Wedding planners will choose the right lighting and effects to match your theme. They will also provide you with either a live band, DJ or other entertaining performances such as fire dancing, traditional Thai dancing etc. your planner will make sure to lighten up the wedding with good music, identifying the different moods as romantic, emotional and even party-like.

8.    The honeymoon
The most exciting part for you and your partner is the honeymoon. Phuket will offer you with great destinations to visit and enjoy. Your planner will arrange Honeymoon packages in Phuket so all you have to do is indulge in the amazing journeys your honeymoon planner will take you on.

9.    Travel arrangements
Do not think that after the wedding, your planner will no longer take care of the other requirements. Wedding planners and the honeymoon packages in Phuket are equipped with travel services where they will arrange all flights and other travel modes to get you back home safely after an amazing honeymoon experience. Phuket’s wedding planners will help you make your dream wedding a reality. Do consider this destination as Phuket will welcome you to its beautiful beaches and lagoons to have your perfect wedding.