3 Reasons Why You Should Travel To New Zealand

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There are places you need to visit at least once in your life. Places that are so amazing that they need to be in everyone’s bucket list because what they offer is something you cannot find anywhere else in the world. New Zealand is one of these places. This amazing country in the southern hemisphere has so much to offer to those who visit its land. From Marvelous sceneries to an amazing culture here are reasons why you should visit New Zealand.

The Scenery is nothing short of incredible.

There are few places that will fascinate you with regards to scenery as much as New Zealand will. It is the country that had Peter Jackson so enamored by it that he chose it to portray Middle Earth in his Lord of The Rings Movie Trilogy. Everyone who watched Lord of the Rings fell in love with its Scenery. Many wished they could see it for themselves and they can. New Zealand is easy to visit and all of those wonderful places you would have seen in Lord of the Rings is there for you to see for yourself.

From Glaciers to Volcanoes, New Zealand has such distinct Natural Features which make it absolutely incredible. Even if you are staying in better hostel accommodation, you can still access most of these features within a day if you want to. However it is better to not do that because there is something about staying a little longer and just losing yourself in the Beauty of Nature. And beautiful is she in New Zealand. With Lush Forests, Beautiful mountains, Amazing beaches and fields that fill the horizon, it’s so beautiful to see. And considering that most of these have been preserved for millions of years, there is so much of native fauna and flora that would leave you spell bound. 

The Country is not expensive to vacation in.

There are countries that will require you to spend thousands of dollars and are so expensive you will not be able to afford much of the services they offer. But that is not New Zealand. A Vacation in New Zealand is very affordable. You can find cheap accommodation Wellington City wellington that will only cost you a few dollars per night. Even food is relatively inexpensive with an entire day’s worth of meals costing you less than 20 New Zealand dollars. The average cost of spending a day in New Zealand is just about 170 New Zealand dollars and this can be much lower depending on the price of your accommodation and where you choose to dine. Even tours are not expensive therefore you can get so much for so less.

The Culture is wonderful to behold

New Zealand was one of the last places on earth to be inhabited by people. And before the Europeans arrived in the 18th Century, the country was home to the Maori; a Native population whose culture and traditions are still prevailing today. The Ancestors of the Maori came from Eastern Polynesia thus their culture can be traced back to ancient Polynesian beliefs and customs. The Maori live in peaceful coexistence with the rest of the population and when you visit New Zealand you get a chance to interact with them and learn about their culture too.Therefore travel to New Zealand it will be a wonderful experience like no other.